Welcome to ContactLensPro.com, the blog where you can find everything you need to know about contact lenses and eye health.

My name is Dr. Jane Reid, and I am a licensed optometrist with over 13 years of experience in the field. I started this blog to share my knowledge and passion for vision care with you, and to help you make informed decisions about your eyes.

On this blog, you will find articles on various topics related to contact lenses, such as how to choose the right type, how to care for them properly, how to avoid common problems and infections, and how to save money on your purchases. You will also find articles on general eye health, such as how to prevent and treat dry eyes, how to protect your eyes from UV rays, how to cope with presbyopia, and more.

I will also review some of the best products and brands on the market, and give you honest and unbiased opinions based on my professional expertise.

Why should you trust ContactLensPro.com?

Because I only recommend products that I would recommend to my own patients. Because I have a wealth of experience and knowledge that I want to share with you, and because I care about your vision as much as you do. Because I will always answer your questions and comments, and provide you with helpful tips and advice. Because ContactLensPro.com is more than just a blog, it is a community of people who love their eyes and want to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Since I am not your doctor and have not personally examined you, I must say the information on this website should not be considered medical, legal, or financial advice. While I cannot diagnose conditions directly through this site, I can offer possible solutions and suggest to consult your own doctor.

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